February 11, 2013


Lent is known as a time of self-examination and repentance. I grew up in the Episcopal church. Each Sunday during Lent, the children decided what everyone in the church would "give up" throughout the coming week. Ice cream was popular as was television. No one like to do without ice cream, but there was a sense of self-denial in the practice.

Years later, I heard of "taking on" a spiritual discipline or act of service during Lent, with the idea of forming a new habit or focus.  Taking on rather than giving up seemed to be a more positive/active was of growing deeper into life with Christ.

I decided this year to take a completely different focus. I am using a book by Juliet Benner, Contemplative Vision - A Guide to Christian Art and Prayer. The book is an exercise in contemplative prayer using art.  Reflections and discussion  are offered on ten paintings. (There is a color copy of each painting in the center of the book.)  A brief biography of each artist is given.

I am excited to take on and learn new ways of seeing - and making more space for God in my heart.

How will you make more room for God in your life during this Lenton Season?

Jacquie Reed 
Fishers, Indiana   

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