February 12, 2013


Dear people in the dear Tennessee Conference,
   I miss my home and all the memories I have of our 45 yrs. there. Oh the churches, oh the parsonages,,, oh the babies...oh the heartaches and oh the joys!! Many things enrich my heart as I remember.
   Woody and I were only 21 and 22, when we began at Dodson Chapel in Nashville while he finished Vandy and I finished Scarritt College.
   Did we know very much? Nope, but we were willing. And I pray that we learned God's way more than the Bishop's and DS's. (just kiddin'!) It would take way to long to have you read our itinerary of the churches, and it might be boring to you, so I will highlight one huge thing I learned through those years.
   When we began to date two years before we married, Woody explained to me that he wanted to be a preacher. As if that would scare me away, I replied, "Well that's great because I want to be a social worker."
   My pitiful reasoning at that time is that I loved people. And working with them in social work or church, what would be the difference? Poor me.. no one told me about the relationship with the living God through our Jesus and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit. THAT was to be the call on my life, and not a vocation.
   It took me twelve years to learn that. It took me that long to see that my dear preacher husband was not my Lord. Not that he wanted to be but he was so special and a dear man. I was to learn that he was #2 after Jesus. But I didn't know that a living relationship was possible, since God was just a great Man in the sky to me at that time. I was raised in SS classes and 11:00 church but I didn't hear the True message.
   The little book that came into my life in 1967 was, Adventures in Prayer, by Catherine Marshall. I questioned her story with the question, you mean it's possible to talk with God about anything? I began to have assurance that my question was being answered. In a few weeks I saw an announcement in a church bulletin that a Women's Prayer Group was meeting on Tuesday morning. I went because I wanted to know what that was. The love was so amazing, and it brought exciting purpose to the Bible that I had studied only as a textbook for so long.
   Well, I will quit now, but since I can't be there, I wanted to share that most important event in my life. Many great years flowed from that experience.
   Now that I am much older, it gives me greater joy to share it since it was an essential foundation. I pray that it is so with you all. God's blessings always .
   Much love in our Lord,
   Lucy N. Adams

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