January 25, 2013

Where to go when a pastor needs a pastor?

A few weeks ago we had two situations in our family for which we desired pastoral support. Since Mike, my husband, is retired, we have no district superintendent. We are attending a church with three very capable, competent pastors; but both of us wanted to talk with someone we knew, someone who knew our family, someone who was more familiar.

We prayed for direction and were led to one of Mike's former associates, who is now serving a church just a few miles away. He and Mike had a wonderful working relationship. We made an appointment. Our friend listened with compassion and care, prayed with us, and gave us encouragement to move forward.  

Yesterday I was talking with the chaplain at the hospital where I am a chaplain volunteer. We were discussing a few challenges in ministry -- finding a pastor when a pastor/spouse need pastoral support was mentioned. Praying for direction --who to seek-- was of primary importance. 

Mike and I both have lots of  friends in ministry; but when we prayed for guidance, we were led to someone a little unexpected, someone we rarely see. We wanted someone who was trustworthy and could keep a confidence. And we felt peace with our decision and experience.

When pastors need pastoral support, sometimes finding another pastor can be difficult. If you or your family need pastoral support, where do you go?

Jacquie Reed 
Fishers, Indiana

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  1. My husband and I have created our own "church" with 2 other clergy families. We get together once a month at each others' houses for dinner and then about a half an hour of singing and prayer. When we are struggling this is the church we turn to. When we want to celebrate, this is the church we turn to. This does not mean we don't turn to the church my husband is appointed to when we need prayer, but it is the one safe place where we can be totally ourselves and receive support no matter what life brings.