January 4, 2013

Helping Families with Autism in Your Church

Autism is becoming a more frequent and nuanced diagnosis. We have had several autistic kids and adults in our churches over the years, but I am certainly no expert. But if you do need expert help either as a parent or concerned friend, check out Ellen Notbohm's website. www.ellennotbohm.com  She's written several helpful books and sends out a monthly newsletter.

Currently our church has autistic kids in several grade levels. Like all children, no two are alike and some have more needs than others. But because some of our teachers now have the type of experience these kids need, more special needs families are coming to our church. The kids are great and have a chance to be in an accepting, loving environment with kids of their own age. It's a lesson in compassion for everybody. This is a good thing.

Grace, Kathy

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  1. I wish everyone would realize this is a very important issue that needs addressed. Sad to say, it usually only gets addressed when it 'hits your home'. I was oblivious until it hit mine. My daughter reads something on line on Sundays that a father writes who has children with autism. He writes it for those who cannot attend church. He writes good messages, but the children are not involved. It is not only churches, it is schools, too. God bless all the families who are dealing with this situation. I love getting the blogs that address the issues. I know I am not alone in my feelings. Dee from Ohio