March 7, 2012

They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love?

I admit it, I like watching the Comedy channel. On a recent show, a girl(about 16) was asked if she was a Christian. "No," she said "They don't accept everybody." "Don't they love other people?" The interviewer said. "No, they don't accept gays, so I worship Satan."

Admittedly her logic was a bit flawed, but my heart broke. That small exchange speaks to so many issues in the Church today. Are there limits and should there be limits as to how Christians reach out in love? What does it mean to accept another person? How do we live by a code of Cristian ethics in a world that often doesn't seem to any ethic at all? What does the world see when Christians disagree among themselves, because not all Christians believe homosexuality is wrong. Why would a young person prefer Satan to Jesus? Do Christians need better PR? What will it take to bring the world to the saving love of God through Jesus?

When I heard that girl speak, I couldn't help think about what her parents must think. Maybe that is part of the problem. But we have a problem too, no matter what her background is. Too many people believe Christianity is not accepting, kind, or loving. What are we going to do about it?


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