November 9, 2011

Picture This: No Hungry Children

No hungry children? Is that possible? I'm here to tell you that in our county, thanks to F.U.E.L., we are helping feed hungry elementary school children on weekends. And here's our goal: no hungry children, period.

What if there were no more hungry children anywhere? But where to start?

After an Emmaus weekend and reading about children having free lunches in school and then not having any food on the weekend, Denise Skidmore found her answer. She began at home, then her home church, and then her home community. She simply started. F.U.E.L. stands for “Full Uv Emmaus Love.” In addition to her full-time job and family responsibilities, she began. This meant developing networks to coordinate with school administrators, community and business leaders, and a host of volunteers. It still means giving up family time, nights, and weekends to speak and advocate for FUEL in communities and in churches across the region. Denise Skidmore is an extraordinary Christian woman with a passion to care for hungry children. She saw a need and put a plan in motion to meet that need, and she's inspired many others to join her.

F.U.E.L. is now not just in our county, but more and more counties across our state and in some other states as well.

Denise's dream is also God's dream. God wants no hungry children too.

If you want information about started a similar program in your community, please contact me and I'll connect you with Denise.

Grace, Kathy

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