October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

You probably know that Halloween really began as All Hallows Eve. Some even suggest that the holiday (or holy day) goes back a lot further to pre-Christian times. And like many holidays, the Catholic Church baptized the pagan celebration and gave it a new Christian meaning.

But whatever its origins, Halloween is fun. It's a topsy-turvy time when kids can knock on your door and demand candy, and years ago, threaten you with a trick. Pranks are common and surely a nuance for adults. But Halloween is a time when people can let off steam. And since many of us live a pressure-cooker existence--that's not all bad.

It's also a great time for community outreach. Our church hosted a Fall Festival on Saturday night that featured car trunks full of candy, a bonfire, and other fun stuff for kids. And did the kids turn out! We had over 250 from the surrounding neighborhood--many of whom to do not to any church. And for me, any time a kid can come to the church and see smiling faces, it's a good thing. Jesus calls us to bring little children to Him, and this is an easy and great first step.

Happy Halloween, Kathy

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