May 2, 2011

When God Is Silent

Truly we are a blessed people. This morning I awoke to the news that Osama bin Laden is dead. He was an enemy of our country who hurt many innocent people. And while the untimely death of any person is not a cause to celebrate, we are better off as a result. And thanks to the brave team of Seals who risked their lives on our behalf.

So the question is, was God silent for all those years while people earnestly prayed for deliverance? Likewise, was God really silent all those years the Hebrews were enslaved? Is God silent when we go through our dark nights of the soul?

When we go through tough times and look to God for relief or answers that will not come. It could be that God is not silent, but preparing the way. Jesus tells us that God is not like an unrighteous judge, whom we must beg to do the right thing. God is ever present and generous with steadfast loving kindness; God is even prodigal--generous beyond reason.

God comes in the fullness of time. God's time. God is always at work doing new things. Yet, I do not want to diminish our aching for God when we perceive God's distance. God may be present, but we may still grieve, suffer, feel lost and alone--just as Jesus felt on the cross. But resurrection always comes. So have heart, for your heart rests in the sacred heart of God.

Grace, Kathy

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