May 31, 2011

God Sees Our Potential

Recently, our 26 year old daughter, Anna, who lives and works in Portland, Oregon, realized a couple of dreams. First, she was able to move from her tiny studio apartment to a one bedroom apartment. She is delighted with the extra space and now as she says, "I can have friends over," something she hasn't been able to do for over two years. Second, she purchased a cat. Anna has wanted a cat for a long time, but didn't feel that she had enough room in her studio apartment for a little friend.

Anna told me how she went to the humane society in Portland, looked at a few cats before she finally chose, Edie. Anna said that one little cat came to her immediately, so friendly, licking her face, ready to cuddle. Edie however, was somewhat distant, not eager for any type of interaction. Anna selected Edie over the other cat because, "I saw potential in Edie to become cuddly and ready to play."

I realized that God has the same perspective for each one of us as Anna had choosing Edie. God sees and knows the potential each one of us has to live, grow and serve in God's kingdom. Receiving God's love energizes our efforts to fully become who God created us.

God, thank you for pouring unlimited potential into each of us, your children. As we seek you daily, give us confidence in your presence to realize the potential to become who you wanted us to be. Amen.

Jacquie Reed,
Fishers, Indiana

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