April 21, 2011

Making a Good Move

I am mindful that many families are spending time packing boxes, changing addresses for magazines, and doing all of the many tasks in order to prepare for a move. Some already know their next appointment, while others are still waiting. There is typically lots of emotion surrounding a move-- bittersweet as people say.

Each year in May, the Indiana Conference, holds a "Making A Good Move" mandatory meeting for all persons who are relocating. Spouses are encouraged to attend.
The event usually lasts from Friday afternoon through Saturday noon. The bishop speaks as well as other conference staff.

I would like to recommend a book our bishop, Mike Coyner, wrote in 1999 called Making A Good Move (ISBN 978-0687081332) published by Abingdon Press. Bishop Mike, as he likes to be called, touches on many topics related to moving such as: leaving well and letting go; leadership style makes a difference; fast or slow? finding the right balance; your first impressions; your first Sunday; your first week; your first few months; your first conflict; your first year; your spiritual survival kit. Bishop Mike offers much practical advice in a straightforward, easy to read book. Even though the book is directed toward pastors, spouses can also benefit from Bishop Mike's words.

God prepare us to leave one congregation and serve a new one. Some may be experiencing sadness and grief saying good-bye to persons who have become like family. Others are eager to leave an appointment that has been particularly challenging and stressful. However a move presents, remind us that you are always with us. Amen

Jacquie Reed,
Fishers, Indiana

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