February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day

I don't know about you, but I love Valentine's Day. And each year at our church the youth do a mission fund-raising Valentine's Day dinner. While the meal is over-priced, the cost is well worth it. It's a big dress up affair too. The hall is decorated to the max with candles and the youth dress formally to serve the tables. We've shared a table with some of the parents at this event, and it is so fun to see their youth serve them. Yes, the same youth that has to be nagged to help load the dishwasher at home, professionally serve, clear, and clean-up after their parents here.

As we all know the church is the Body of Christ; but each year at this dinner I see us faithfully practicing being a healthy Body--youth, parents--everyone.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day wherever you choose to spend it.


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