February 24, 2011

Listening to Spouse Concerns

One of my frustrations during the past three years has been my inability to convince any of the conference staff (Indiana) of a need for a clergy spouse contact--where a spouse can share concerns (or joys). I've recently listened to several spouses who were dealing with issues related to appointment changes, very unfair treatment by a staff/parish committee, and lack of concern for significant health limitations. I also have had a few emails from spouses who just wanted to have someone listen to them.

I have done a lot of research on this topic and have models that other conferences use. I met on Tuesday with a district superintendent, who also happens to be a long-time friend. He offered me a seat on a monthly committee he has in his district that deals with pastoral concerns.

Finally, I will be able to put together a system where I can be available for those spouse who are struggling in some way.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions about ways that have been effective to communicate with spouses?

Jacquie Reed
Fishers, Indiana

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  1. Jacquie, I don't believe we have anything just for spouses. But the Board of Ordained Ministry does help with the cost of our annual spouse retreat.