April 12, 2010

UMW and You

Recently heard of a young spouse who was being pressured into going to her UMW meetings. It seems that young children were not welcome, but no child care was offered either, making the spouse's ability to attend minimal.

While I've found that UMW (United Methodist Women) is a good place to meet the women leaders of the church, I also have little patience for meetings generally. Currently I go to a circle that meets monthly for dinner. The fellowship is great and the business minimal. With my work schedule, I can't meet during the day. But I also don't have to worry about child care any more.

I do know a lot of clergy wives how hold offices in the UMW, but to make it a natural assumption that a spouse will necessarily want to attend seems a little unfair. And I doubt there is little pressure on a male spouse to attend the UMM (United Methodist Men).

I also happen to know the head of UMW, Harriett Olson. She is a former colleague and member of one of our former churches. UMW does truly great things across the world, but I'm not sure why many of the units/circles seem stuck in the 50's. Although I do have a hunch.

Do you attend the UMW in your church? What is the expectation of you to attend? Do you belong to other civic organizations in your community?



  1. I don't attend, even though I am home from work by the time of the once-monthly evening meetings. I would just prefer to relax and spend time with my husband and child. After declining the occasional invitation (no major pressure) I think they know I'm not interested and they seem fine with it!

  2. I do attend UMW meetings. My husband and I have only been in our current church for a year, but within a few days of beginning here, I had people approaching me about leading the circle for youth girls. I was really taken aback because no one asked me if I wanted to; it was assumed I would because I help my husband with youth ministry. I currently lead that circle (although, it's not because they assumed I would... I understand that saying no is an option). I am happy to help in that manner because I see how beneficial it is to fulfill that role. I'm pretty sure I'll have a different view when I have kids and time is not my own anymore. Only time will tell.