April 19, 2010

Meet our minister's spouse, he will...

Easter Sunday, like Christmas Eve, always brings people who do not attend church during the rest of the year. On Easter, as I was talking to a few friends in the hall, still running late getting to my Sunday school class, --I'm the teacher--all of a sudden, someone grabbed my arm, "Jacquie, here are some new people. They want to go to Sunday school, but I don't know where to send them."Then, turning to the couple, he quickly added, "This is our minister's wife, she will take you to a class."

"I will?" I thought. But I smiled, introduced myself, etc., etc. I led them around, realizing that some of the classes were meeting and some were not -- and finally said, "The class I feel is best for you isn't meeting today, just come with me to mine. I'll look for you next week and get you connected."

Ahhh!!!!!! I was late to my class but realized that this couple's impression of the church would be partially based on my responsiveness. So I did the best I could to care for them and hoped they would come back again.

Doesn't matter if a church is large or small or medium (I've been part of all three), the minister's spouse is often a designated vessel of God's love and presence.

How do you respond when someone approaches you saying, "This is______ our minister's wife/husband-- he/she will _______________________?

Jacquie Reed Fishers, Indiana.

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  1. The exact same thing happened to me this past weekend. I could have written this post! I'm usually fine with giving a quick tour or helping connect folks with a class. I guess I feel pretty confident about presenting myself and our church.