April 21, 2014

The Color of Prayer

This comes from the leaders of our Adult Education at our local church. Thought you'd enjoy it as well.

"We have been using a video during our class time to teach us more about prayer and yesterday one of the topics on the video was The Color of Prayer. I thought this was so fascinating because I had never thought about prayer having a color. Think about that for a minute. What color would you assign to prayer? Some responses of people on the video were white, rainbow, and blue. But the response that I loved was a man that is a hospice counselor. He said that the color of prayer for him was water. He explained that he knew that wasn't a particular color, but when he thought about prayer he always compares it to water. Water is fluid just as our prayer life should be. A constant flow of communication between us and God. He said sometimes the water is clear and sometimes the water is muddy. Sometimes the answers from God are crystal clear and sometimes the answers are not so clear and we have to spend more time in meditation and discernment. Sometimes water flows gently and calmly and sometimes the water is rough with huge waves. Our prayers can be loving words of praise and gratitude exchanged between us and God or our prayers can express our anger, frustration, or impatience for why we are going through particular trials and tribulations."

Happy Easter Monday,

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