February 14, 2014

What Does Love Look Like

The meaning of love deepens over the years. It still means warm and near when you are together or in separate rooms or even distant cities. As the movie reminds us, "Love means never having to say that you're sorry." (Although saying "sorry" doesn't hurt either.)

But here are some other acts of love.

Picking up crumbs off the floor that your spouse dropped when he was sneaking a cookie before dinner.
Sharing the box of chocolates your spouse got you for Valentine's Day.
Being ok when your pastor spouse has to leave the dinner table and rush off to a congregational emergency again.
Listening to your spouse share about his day even though you have other things you need to do.
Taking time to always kiss your spouse good bye and tell him that you love him.
Being happy that he was happy with the banana pudding you fixed him for his Valentine's gift.

How much more, then, does God love us? You can connect the dots.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I hope you can be with those you love the most.

Grace, Kathy

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