August 9, 2012

Living Out the Joy of Salvation

There are troubled churches because there are troubled people. But there are also deeply committed and joyful Christians in every church (or so I choose to believe).

In our church we have several weekly prayer and study groups. One group I attend is an Emmaus Reunion Group. If you are unfamiliar with the Walk to Emmaus program from the Upper Room, you might want to check them out at

We meet weekly for accountable discipleship, which includes sharing moments closest to Christ, calls to discipleship, times when we were not mindful of God's call, and prayer. As we pray and share each week, we grow closer to God but also closer to each other. This group and its members give me great joy, and it also strengthens our congregation.

While congregational life is difficult. It is also reassuring to know that congregational life can bring deep satisfaction. Just like children bring many trials; we would not trade them for anything and would go to the ends of the earth to make sure they are loved and provided for.

So the front doors of our churches really can help us enter into the joy of Christ's salvation.

Grace, Kathy

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