January 25, 2012

On-line Bible Studying at Your Church?

Today in the church bulletin there was a notice about a new Bible study beginning this month. I was excited because I was hoping to start a new direction in 2012. I read the notice further , and quickly was dismayed - the class was online. Although I knew that many colleges and even high schools have online classes, but a Bible study?????

I remember the rich discussions from numerous Bible studies, including Disciple through the years. I also treasured the prayer support and opportunity to get to know others each week.

Maybe I need to adjust to the times, but I know that I would really miss the aspect of community that comes with studying God's word.

Are there other churches doing online studies?

Jacquie Reed
Fishers, Indiana


  1. We don't, but I'm curious about that too!

  2. I crave the personal connection of a group setting. I spend too much time as it is in front of a computer!