June 7, 2011

Is General Conference Important?

Dear Friends, I guess many of you have heard that this next General Conference in Spring, 2012, may be the most important Conference we've had as a church since we became The United Methodist Church in 1968. All kinds of things might happen. For example, pastors may lose their guaranteed appointments, the general boards and agencies may be eliminated or, at least, merged.

But I am also aware that my local church doesn't know anything about General Conference and probably cares less.

How is it where you are. What issues do you see as important? I would really like to know your opinion.

Thanks for your help,


1 comment:

  1. The guaranteed appointment going away scares my husband since the bishop can have so much power and can be someone who doesn't like you and just decides not to give you a church. I think there would have to be a clear place to go if you don't get along with the bishop. We have seen a dear friend removed from being a pastor due to false allegations on severe charges but true allegations on minor things so he couldn't deny all of it. The conference just decided that it was easier to get him to leave than to allow him to work through all of it. I can see things like this happening more if the bishop is just able to decide that the minister doesn't get a church because he or she doesn't like him or her.