March 23, 2011

Hope for the Flowers

Last night I attended the Vanderbilt Divinity School student and UM Boards and Agencies dinner at the Upper Room. This is an annual event for students to meet with alumni, bishops who live in the area, and personnel from the various general boards and agencies. At the dinner I sat next to two very impressive students. Each was working in an area church and was committed to excellence in ministry. It was just nice to see young men and women beginning to answer their call.

The dinner was also a chance to visit with friends who are currently serving. I've got to say that some of us, however look pretty beat up and tired. This was alarming, but expected.

Ministry is an all-consuming passion. Most of the pastors I know, however, would choose being a pastor again, even knowing the toll that it takes on self, friends, and family. As a spouse, this is difficult to watch. But with grace, we keep serving and loving the unlovable, some of whom are in our churches.

I heard a scripture last week that helped give me perspective. While some strive for riches and glory, our part is the Lord. The Lord is our inheritance. There is no substitute without it and abundant living with it.

Blessings, Kathy

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