January 14, 2011

Need Your Help

I have recently been praying about the start-up of a national network of Tent Ministers for youth travel sport tournament weekends. Many well intentioned Christians miss out on Sunday worship due to being in a hotel miles away watching their children play soccer or cheer in cheer competitions or (name the sport). The idea is to set up a tent at these tournaments and offer several services on Sunday mornings. Many large churches could spare an associate pastor to meet this need AND to evangelize to the lost during these events.

The name I came up with is... T-E-N-T-S (Tent Evangelism Network for Travel Sports). Not married to this name, but you get the idea. Please pray with me about this ministry and let me know your thoughts or revelations.

Sincerely in Christ,
Scott E. Minnette, J.D., B.S.
Newburgh, IN

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