December 21, 2010

Change with Integrity

The word is finally out that my husband is retiring in July. I've had some interesting comments. One staff person called to tell me she was disappointed that I didn't call or meet with her to tell her in advance. I apologized, but then realized that I didn't need to apologize. I don't know where her sense of entitlement came from, but as we know, people have expectations in all aspects of church life.

Then when I tell people that we won't be able to continue attending this church, I get a look of astonishment. I explain that attending the church would not be fair to the new pastor. Sadly, through the years, we've known many pastors who have returned to churches he/she once pastored and caused difficulties by meddling in the current programs/preaching/or other aspects of church life -- some people cannot "let go and move on."
Anyway, that is not going to be our pattern.

There are many decisions we will have to make, the biggest of which will be choosing a church. Mike told me a long time ago that when he retired, I could choose our church. So, I will be making some visits to churches in the next few months, trying to find a place where both of us can feel comfortable.

God life is full of changes. Guide each of us to trust you with each day.

Jacquie Reed,
Fishers, Indiana

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