July 15, 2010

Keys to the Kingdom

A friend of mine got the unwelcome and unexpected news that her young niece had tragically died. The girl had been having problems for a couple months and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. Then one night, the pain became unbearable and the next day, she was dead. Needless to say, the news came as a shock. My friend packed her bags quickly so that she could make the long drive out of state to help with the funeral arrangements and be with the family. But before she left, however, she took her house keys to the church. "Here," she said, "Please, someone, feed my dog. I've no idea how long I'll be gone." So with only that, the church secretary took her keys.

Now, my friend was gone for two weeks. When she came home, she not only found that her dog was OK, but her grass was cut, the lawn was trimmed, her refrigerator was full, her house was clean, and there, on her deck, was a lovely potted fern.

Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom. My friend gave her house keys to the church. Both acts required trust. Both responses are grace-filled, generous acts of love. I don't think I can think of a better example of Christian friendship.

Sometimes the Church is the Body of Christ, and sometimes we get glimpses of the Kingdom.


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  1. What a kind and loving act by the church members in time of need! Isn't it wonderful when we know that our true friends are those who love the Lord and those who are able to trust our church enough to hand over our house keys. This is a beautiful story of Christian living and loving.